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Geophysics is a great aid to environmental assessments and clean up. It is commonly used to locate buried tanks, barrels and other types of unwanted trash. Another common use is to locate utilities or tanks before drilling or trenching. Techniques such as EM, resistivity and radar are used to map contamination, plumes and buried objects. These techniques measure the changes in electrical properties between native soils, contamination and buried objects.

There are several geophysical methods for finding contamination pathways or boundaries and for mapping general geology. Seismics can provide an overall picture of the stratigraphy at a site while borehole geophysics provides a detailed picture of the geology around a well. Seismics measures acoustical changes in soil and rock. Borehole geophysics measures many different rock properties including acoustic, electric, strength and radiation.

Often we combine different techniques to provide detailed pictures of what's underground. Better information on what is underground promotes better environmental site assessments and clean up.

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