Ground Penetrating Radar

We use ground penetrating radars to locate objects and to determine their depths and sizes. Radar profiles are also useful in identifying buried objects. Radars have the unique ability to find things in areas with a lot of surface metal that interferes with magnetometers and metal detectors. Unlike conventional metal detectors, radar can locate both metal and nonmetal objects. It can also detect void spaces. A radar record provides a permanent detailed picture of the size, location, and depth of an object. Radar applications include:

  • Locating buried tanks and drums
  • Three dimensional rebar mapping
  • Locating buried utilities
  • Mapping voids beneath pavement or behind retaining walls
  • Measuring pavement thickness
  • Locating conduits in concrete

At J R Associates we stand ready to apply our geophysical expertise to your particular requirements. Please contact us to discuss how our combination of techniques, knowledge and experience can provide you with a window on what's underground.

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