J R Associates

J R Associates

Experienced Locators and Geophysicists

Providing a variety of utility and geophysical surveys for over 30 years.

About Us

J R Associates is a family-run business founded in 1987 to meet a need for information on what is underground using non-invasive techniques. J R Associates is a pioneering firm in civil and environmental geophysics. Performing near surface geophysical surveys for geologists and providing as-built information and drawings of buried utilities for surveyors is our business. Using a combination of experienced personnel, modern equipment and state of the art geophysical techniques, we provide accurate and cost effective subsurface information. We have successfully worked with many major utility providers including Pacific Gas and Electric, Duke Energy, the East Bay Municipal Utility District, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District as well as numerous engineering and geotechnical firms. Our subsurface information has been credited with keeping costs down on many major construction projects. Client satisfaction is our highest priority and we are proud of our record of repeat business.

Owner and Principal
James Rezowalli
Professional Geophysicist, GP-921
James Rezowalli manages and performs civil and environmental geophysical surveys and utility investigations throughout California. He has applied a large variety of geophysical methods to unique situations for over twenty-five years. He is a registered professional geophysicist and is a subject matter expert for the California State Board of Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists. He holds a Master of Science degree in applied geophysics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Senior Locator and Field Manager
Brian Rezowalli
Brian Rezowalli manages utility investigations and runs field operations for J R Associates with over ten years of experience. He was the principal investigator at over 100 schools in the greater San Francisco Bay area as well as numerous pipeline projects throughout Northern California. He is an alumnus of San Jose State University.

J R Associates Civil and Environmental Geophysics

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